Physical Therapy Assistant Schools

If you are interested in pursuing a physical therapy assistant career, then you know that you’ve got to research a little bit to find the best physical therapy assistant schools near you. First, you have to find out which school is near your area and what courses or trainings they are offering.

Choosing the Right PTA Schools

In order to become a licensed PTA, you must complete your education in accredited schools based on the following factors:

  • Your location – finding the top PTA schools doesn’t mean that you should immediately enroll. You may have found the top-rating school in the country but if it is thousands of miles away from you, then it would be difficult to finish your schooling there. It is better to choose a school near your area.
  • Financial costs and available aids – see if there are grants or scholarships that can be provided for you. This is especially helpful for students who have budget constraints.
  • Flexibility – see if you can find the schools that can give you your preferred schedules. This is needful for students who would want to work while studying. Ask the school representative about any night or weekend classes which you can attend.
  • Courses and curriculums offered – review these aspects together with the type of clinical experience that the school will provide for you.
  • Licensing exam prep strategies – you can also gauge a PTA school’s effectivity in the percentage of graduates that are able to pass the licensure exam for PTAs or NPTE.

PTA Training

Before you can enroll in any of the PTA training programs, you need to complete your high school education and present a diploma upon application.

Though acquiring an Associate’s Degree is sufficient, a few PTAs opt to pursue the Bachelor’s Degree and gain substantial work experience prior to entering the PTA profession. Advanced degrees is also a good option but is only required if you want to become a physical therapist.

Most Common Courses in PTA Schools

  • Introduction to Physical Therapy – this is a fundamental course which is based on physical therapy history. This also discusses the latest developments and the current practices in this profession. Find out about rehabilitations methods and effects of injuries.
  • Therapeutic Exercise – is a class where PTA students develop exercise programs as they monitor the patients’ performance. Topics include conditioning, injury prevention, and performance maintenance.
  • Orthopedics Class – is a class that can aid students in understanding various diseases, injuries and ailments that can affect the musculoskeletal system. As they learn about these things, they can begin to recognize the various symptoms on orthopedic conditions. In time, they will be able to develop treatment programs for their patients.
  • Pathology Class – this is the class where students learn about human pathology. Students also learn to heal patients’ gastrointestinal, respiratory, circulatory and musculoskeletal concerns.
  • CPR and First Aid Certifications