The Perfect Physical Therapist Assistant Resume

Whether you have only acquired a few years of physical therapy experience, or you’re just beginning your career, your physical therapy assistant resume will surely be scrutinized by prospective employers.

One of the parts that will be given ample attention is the very first part of your resume wherein you state your career objective. This part of your resume is created to tell your would-be employer what you are aspiring to achieve in your career. You can give the most concise statements that would persuade your employer to hire you. Also, tell them why a health care center, hospital or private practice is most suitable for you.

Clarify Your Goals

Using the objective part of your resume, make sure that you highlight your level of PTA experience. It is likely that hiring managers will look for employees who know what their skills are and have already (or are ready) to use them. Simplify the presentation of your goals. Writing a clear objective will make the employer realize that you’re a no-nonsense kind of person and that you’re serious about your application.

You also need to show your job target. This is a good way to develop your PTA resume. For instance, your job objective should state your job specifications and some keywords that are considered pertinent to your profile.

Focus on Your Skills and Knowledge

Salesmen sell, not items, but themselves primarily. Make sure that you put into words all the skills that you have acquired in school or your previous jobs. If this is job number 1 for you, then you’ll need to focus on stating the things that you look forward to learn.

Stating your knowledge or skills is also dependent on the years of experience that you’ve acquired. You can gauge yourself under three categories – basic, intermediate or advanced. Having worked for more than a decade as a PTA gives you the right to assess yourself with advanced skills in physical therapy.

Here’s an example of a good PTA profile:

Qualifications Profile: California-licensed PTA with five relevant years of experience in the provision of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative treatments for children, adults and geriatric patients. Graduated with honors in an AMA-approved PTA program and an MS degree in Rehabilitative Services. Other credentials include CPR and BLS certifications. Is a team player with an established reputation for excellent patient communication skills. Has proven strengths in managing high volume caseworks in acute care settings.

Use Job Posting Verbiage

Though there are literally thousands of job postings for PTAs, it is quite common for these to use the same language. Before you go out there and start applying in different healthcare centers, make sure that you perform a brief search of job postings. Find out what employers are searching for. As soon as you become familiar with the most common terms that are used in these job postings, you may want to use them throughout your resume.

Some of the keywords that might be useful in your resume include the following –

  • Orthotic
  • Prosthetic
  • Rehab
  • Motor skills
  • Daily living, etc.

What Format to Use – Yours or Online Templates?

There are numerous examples of PTA resumes online. Depending on your work experience, all you have to do is to search for the most relevant template that you can see online and then just replace the information in the tables that are provided.

While it is great to design your own PTA resume, it is safer to use templates that have been proven to secure jobs. You can glean a lot of stuff that you can include in your resume from these samples. Just be careful not to copy-paste or you’ll end up being named John Doe on your job application!

Sample PTA Resume

John Doe, PTA

Place Your Address Here

Phone number and Email address here


Education Graduation from [NAME OF PTA SCHOOL HERE] with [PLACE PTA DEGREE HERE] Graduation from [NAME OF HIGH SCHOOL]
Courses e.g. Completion of Spine Treatment through [INSERT NAME OF UNIVERSITY HERE] completed in [INSERT COMPLETION DATE HERE] List other courses here and their respective completion dates.
Internships e.g. [NAME OF MEDICAL CENTER HERE] Acute Care Physical Therapy completed in [DATE OF COMPLETION HERE]. Treated different kinds of diagnoses including spinal cord injuries, etc.Place any other internship programs that you have acquired.
Experience Physical Therapy Technician [NAME OF MEDICAL CENTER] [DATE OF EMPLOYMENT] [Insert other work experiences that you might have in this section].This space is obviously not provided for first-time PTA applicants. Those who have acquired years of experience, on the other hand, can use this section to showcase their pertinent job experiences.
Skills e.g. Excellent communication skills, excellent patient rapport, team-oriented, etc.
Association e.g. Member of APTA since 19xx
References Available upon request


Make sure that your key qualifications and strengths are at the top half of your PTA resume. Once again, make sure that you use pertinent keywords in areas of your resume that need these important words. If you follow these key rules, you are sure to catch the eye of your potential employer