Physical Therapy Assistant Salary – A Good Reason to become PTA

Patients who need to undergo physical therapy are not confined by class or status. Even the most robust athletes can suddenly suffer from injuries and they will need physical therapy. Accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime, in fact, the number of vehicular accidents seems to go up each year. There are also people who develop illnesses which can lead to disabilities or even restrained movements. All these need to be corrected by the right form of physical therapy. Looking at this, you would know that the physical therapy assistant salary would surely be commensurate to the duties that he has to attend to.

PT-assigned Duties

Basic PTA Pay Rates
  • Average PTA pay rate ranges between
    $18.85 and $26.10
  • Overtime pay rate ranges between
    $27.35 and $39.02
  • Annual bonus range is from
    $202.11 to $1,475
By Type of Employers
  • Self-employed PTAs:
    $38,058 to $55,958
  • Private companies:
    $38,189 to $53,920
  • Federal government:
    $42,232 and $55,499
  • Hospital-based jobs:
    $34,434 to 49,233

Physical therapists assign a number of responsibilities to assistants. These depend on the type of aid that the physical therapist needs. For instance, physical therapy assistants are often the ones who are directly involved in muscle manipulation, physical exercises, hydrotherapy and all other forms of treatments that the PT has set. In short, the PTA is the one who frontlines in getting the patient up on his feet and back to his normal physical activities.

It is also common for physical therapy assistants to answer phone calls, order depleted supplies, do inventory, and many other office-related duties. They are also trained on how to track the patient’s progress after each therapy session. A PTA, therefore, is paid more than any ordinary employee because he deals with duties that are far from common.

Workplace for PTAs

There are a lot of physical therapy assistants that work in big hospitals but there are also those that can be found in other medical facilities. The PTA’s chosen workplace will also play a significant role in determining the amount of salary that he’ll receive.

If you are a PTA that works in home health care service, then there is a very high possibility that you’ll earn a lucrative salary. There are assistants that prefer to work in hospital settings, though, and they are also right to make that decision because they choose to have a secure job.

Educational Accomplishments

If you would like to become a licensed physical therapist, then you can advance to this position from being a physical therapist assistant. But there is a need to go back to school and start all over again when it comes to your education. Stepping up to become a physical therapist is also a good way to raise your current physical therapist assistant salary.

Naturally, the PTA’s salary is lower than that of a physical therapist. But keep in mind that whichever you decide to become, you would always need to choose the right physical therapy program that is duly-accredited. Graduating from an accredited program will guarantee you that you’ll be getting the correct kind of education and that you’ll be given the right skills and know-how.

Meeting the Requirements

There are numerous requirements in order to become a physical therapist assistant. Yet a lot of people are willing to submit these requirements because they look forward to a great PTA salary. There are some states that require licensure for their PTAs while there are those that just ask for certification and a simple registration. Find out if your current license in a certain State will be considered valid if you ever decide to work in a different State.

If you’re thinking that the requirements are all paperwork, then you’re only half correct. The job of physical therapy involves a lot of lifting, standing, kneeling and crouching. If you’re not physically able, then you will have a hard time coping with this kind of job.

The salary that is given to you includes payment for being physically able to do the tasks involved and for being mentally focused at all times.

Basic Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

PTAs usually get paid hourly and the pay rate may range between $18.85 and $26.10. Overtime payment range is from $27.35 to $39.02 while the annual bonus range is from $202.11 to $1,475.

You have to remember that the greater your experience, the higher your pay rate would be. For those who have 1-4 years of experience, the salary could be anywhere from $33,926 to $45,488. Those that have worked for 5-9 years can be paid from $39,095 to $52,358. Those that have 10-19 years of experience can look forward to a salary of $41,210 to $58,578. For PTAs with more than 20 years of experience, the salary should be anywhere from $42,447 to $64,357.

Employer-based PTA Salaries

Your type of employer will also be a factor in your salary determination. Self-employed individuals receive about $38,058 to $55,958 while PTAs who work for private companies can earn as much as $38,189 to $53,920.

The Federal government gives PTAs the salary range of $42,232 and $55,499. Hospital-based workers are paid anywhere from $34,434 to 49,233.

Location-based PTA Salaries

It follows that the bigger the city is, the higher the PTA salary would be. The highest-paying States include the following –

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • California
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Georgia

The employment outlook for PTAs is a positive one. There are more jobs to come in the next few years and so the opportunities would continue to grow. There hasn’t been a more appropriate time to become a PTA than now.